While you might think about the color of your carpet and how it’ll fit in with your overall decor, one of the more important aspects during the process will be figuring out which carpet padding to think about. It’ll be the outside that gets all of the credit, but it’s what’s happening underneath that’ll matter most when it comes to the performance -- and even some of the look -- of the top bit. Additionally, they’ll help to extend the life of your carpet and add some always-welcome insulation, too. You might have seen carpet padding if you’ve taken up your previous carpet: it’s the bit underneath that is glued or stapled to the floor.

If you’re wondering which carpet padding is best for your home, take a read below.

Memory Foam Padding

If you’ve got comfort on your mind, then consider investing in a memory foam pad. These can be supremely comfortable to walk on -- think of a memory foam mattress, but on the floor. They’re especially recommended if you’ve got some young children in your home, or if you have joint problems. They make walking in the house a joy.

Frothed Foam Padding

Frother foam padding is one of the more popular options out there because it’s so durable. It can last for the duration of the carpet’s lifetime. Indeed, if you decide that you want to install a new carpet, then it’s very likely that you won’t even need to change out the padding. The frothed foam padding that you added to your last will be in good enough condition to carry on doing the job for your new carpet. Because of their durability, however, they can be more expensive than other options. If you’re planning on staying in your home for a considerable period of time, then it’ll be worth it.

Prime Foam Padding

Prime foam padding isn’t the best padding on the market, and, as such, it’s recommended that you’re only using this type of padding in areas of the home that don’t receive all that much foot traffic. It won’t last terribly long in a hallway, for instance, but will hold up just fine in a low-use bedroom.

Rebond Padding

If you’ve got an eye on sustainability in the home, yet still want to ensure that you end up with a comfortable carpet, then consider buying rebond padding. This type of pad is a blend of comfort and functionality; it’s not going to change the game when it comes to home comfort, but it is comfortable, and it’s durable too. Plus, it’s made from recycled materials, which means you’ll be decreasing your home’s carbon footprint. Win-win!


As we’ve shown above, it really is worthwhile looking into what type of carpet padding you have in your home, since the pad will have the power to alter the overall look and quality of your carpet. In many cases, it’s better to buy a lower quality carpet and invest in a superior pad, rather than the other way around.

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