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Luxury Vinyl Plank

You need to have a floor that’s leak-proof, easy-to-clean and aesthetically appealing. Luxury Vinyl Planks covers it all!

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Vinyl Flooring

For the active household

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Frequently asked questions

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How long will a ceramic tile floor last? How about my ceramic shower?

If your tile floor is properly maintained, you can expect it to last 20 years or more. You will greatly enhance the life of your tile floors or walls by using a properly installed cement backer board.

Properly maintained tile walls installed over a cement backer board can also last 20 or more years.

Do I need to have a humidifier installed if I purchase a hardwood floor?

Hardwood flooring expands and contracts due to changes in temperature and relative humidity. Having adequate levels of humidity in the home will help minimize the shrinkage of your floors during the heating months.

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Flooring Transitions and Thresholds, Explained

I haven't ever set foot in a home with only one type of flooring throughout. Have you? More than one type of flooring in a house is common, though bridging the gap between them isn't something we often think about. That is until you complete a home renovation. Transitions between floors are essential for safety, functionality, and appearance. Here's how these commonly overlooked elements work. ˜

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Should I Put Carpet or Hardwood in My Bedroom?

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. The place is your home where you can relax and recharge. A bedroom also tends to reflect the homeowner's personality and design preference. The type of flooring you choose for your bedroom can significantly impact its aesthetic. Additionally, your flooring choice can have advantages and disadvantages regarding functionality, such as durability and ease of care. 

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