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Frequently asked questions

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I have a large room and I’ve been told that the room will require several carpet seams. Do I need to have extra seams and is there anything I can do to minimize them?

Carpet seams and seam locations are probably the biggest challenge in our industry. Since carpet only comes in certain widths, it is very likely large rooms will require at least one seam.

Several factors need to be considered when deciding your seam location such as, furniture placement, directions of light source, doorways and traffic areas, number and length of seams and how it may affect seam placements in other rooms.

There is usually no perfect scenario and often times you must compromise one of the criteria for another. A properly constructed seam is generally still noticeable, but depending on what style and color of carpet you have, it may be more or less noticeable.

I’ve been told that tile is slippery when it gets wet. Is this true?

There are many types of tiles to choose from that provide a high slip coefficient. Keep in mind, the higher the slip coefficient, the more difficult the tile is to clean. Most tiles today offer a nice balance between ease of maintenance and safety.

Can I have vinyl installed in my basement?

Yes, vinyl is very appropriate for basement use, but like all other flooring types, check to make sure you do not have a moisture problem before installing it.

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