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Laminate Flooring

The best that wood can offer

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Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tile

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Luxury Vinyl Plank

You need to have a floor that’s leak-proof, easy-to-clean and aesthetically appealing. Luxury Vinyl Planks covers it all!

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Luxury Vinyl Tile

It's so close to the real thing, even our installers take a double look.

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Vinyl Flooring

For the active household

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Frequently asked questions

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I have a large dog. Is laminate a good choice for me?

Most laminate flooring is considerably more scratch resistant than hardwood flooring, but it still scratches and wears when exposed to pet nails.

I heard that hardwood flooring requires significant maintenance. Is that true?

Yes, to some extent you need to pay a little more attention to your hardwood floors than say, a ceramic floor. Proper maintenance and using the proper cleaning products will greatly add to your floor’s life. Once you get used to its care requirements, you will likely find that it is a very forgiving floor to live with.

I have little kids and I’m worried that they might drop something and damage a tile. Is ceramic the right choice for me?

The good news about ceramic tile is that in the event a piece is damaged it can be extracted and replaced without being an obvious repair.

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It has never been easier to look at hiring a carpet installer. Not only can they properly install a carpet with precision and care, but ensure that your carpet is professionally installed to retain its integrity and last incredibly well.

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