Hardwood is a beautiful option when you are selecting household flooring. There are a few considerations you may want to make before choosing which species to go with. In addition to picking the color, pattern and finish, homeowners should also consider the durability of the hardwood species, and the ease or difficulty of the installation process.

  1. Mahogany is a classic look and a popular choice. It’s water-resistant, which gives the floor a long life. The rich color makes mahogany a flooring favorite among homeowners.

  1. Oak is very common as well, a great choice because it is highly resistant, even to deep scratches. Oak is typically available in a variety of stain shades and is also popular because of its “grain pattern”. When oak floors fade over time and look worn, a fresh refinish is usually all that's needed.

  1. Lyptus looks a lot like mahogany but its much more affordable. An especially hard species, lyptus is easy to mill and finish. Homeowners who choose lyptus can save money on flooring while still achieving a mahogany hardwood look.

  1. Ashwood is known for its yellow blond shade. If you're looking for hardwood in a light color ash might be it. Ash is also a particularly hard and tough wood. It’s also often less expensive than comparable hardwoods, too.

  1. Cherry is a gorgeous species, as it is actually known for darkening over time, with age. While cherry wood is not scratch resistant and can be difficult to work with, though it is easy to maintain, and beautiful when sanded and finished.

  1. Hickory is a homeowner favorite and is known for its rustic, log cabin look. Hickory's hard exterior can take a lot of traffic before showing any wear or tear. Visually, hickory has a close grain.

  1. Pine is not actually by definition a hardwood and it is softer to the touch of the feet. Many people also enjoy the look of pine's pinholes and knots. Pine flooring runs at a middle-of-the-road cost.

  1. Brazilian cherry wood is known for it’s rich shade of burgundy. A particularly gorgeous but especially hardwood, Brazilian Cherry hardwood should be installed by pros, as it can be pretty difficult.

  1. Walnut wood is among the strongest and most durable of the hardwoods used for flooring. Walnut ranges widely in color from light (European walnut) to dark chocolate brown (American black walnut).

  1. Rosewood might be what you are looking for if you're looking for something different that will stand out as unique. Colors range from light yellow to purple. You can sometimes catch a hint of the scent of roses from rosewood flooring!

Closing Thoughts

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