Did you know 68% of US households own a pet? It is no secret Americans love their pets. So much so, even top companies such as Amazon, Google, Hubspot, Bitly, Etsy, and Mars Candy have pet friendly policies for their employees. These companies offer pet insurance, pet boarding services, and even a dog park!

With that in mind, we also know that Americans love their homes. The design, furnishing, appliances, and the flooring. Flooring is essential for the comfort of the home, creating the look and feel of a home.

When it comes to pet-friendly flooring, the two must-have qualities are that the floor covering is scratch resistant, and it must be easy to clean.

Scratch Resistant & Easy to Clean

Pets and floors mean scratching, even if you do keep your pet’s nails trimmed. Take scratching out of the equation and pets can still leave their mark by walking, running, or jumping around. Not to mention, a pet that has not been totally housebroken….Don’t fret, it is still possible to have beautiful floors by choosing from the following materials:

Vinyl. A popular choice, luxury vinyl tile and vinyl sheets are highly durable, long-lasting, and resistant to moisture. There is an additional benefit to vinyl, it softens the sound of your pet’s nails when they walk across the floor. Luxury Vinyl Tile comes in elegant looks of wood, stone, slate, and ceramic with textured surfaces that are convincingly real -- and provide slip resistance to padded paws.

Hardwood. It is hard to resist the gorgeous look of hardwood floors. For pet homeowners, hardwood has traditionally not been the best choice because hardwoods are more prone to stains and water damage. That is about to change. Some hardwood flooring brands have added features to floors, making them even more scratch resistant, with additional durability. Certain high performance hardwoods are infused with acrylic for maximum dent resistance, making it up to two-times harder than traditional hardwood.

Another way hardwood floors can work is to use the on-trend rustic style. A rustic or distressed look easily hides signs of everyday wear and tear. Flooring with a light color and lower gloss level helps hide additional marks that may occur.

Laminate. A practical choice for limited areas of the house or even all around. It gives you the look of traditional hardwood, natural stone, or even concrete, and with its durable surface, stands up to the rough wear and tear that pets can bring. Steer away from smooth or high gloss finishes that can cause your pet to slip and slide. The scratch and water-resistant wear layer takes the stress out of pets tracking water on the floor.

Tile. Tile has a clean smooth look to it so it is easy to clean up, remaining unchanged after taking a large pool of water. With its cement board underlayment, tile is solid from top to bottom. An additional benefit for your dog is that tile usually has thicker grout lines that aid in traction for your dog.

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