If you happen to be looking into a kitchen redesign for your Rhode Island home, you may be curious as to what types of flooring are the most attractive and practical options for boosting your home’s value.

So what are home buyers really looking for? Here are a few design ideas brought to you straight from the experts at Rhode Island’s PT Floors. And if you need extra help selecting the perfect material or design to match your style and budget, don’t hesitate to reach out to the friendly team at PT Floors today!

Durability and Versatility

Beyond just looks, you’re going to want to find a highly durable and versatile material to give you the best return on your investment. Hard surface flooring is often the best bet for areas with heavy traffic or that house heavy furniture and appliances. Among “hard” flooring options, ceramic tile and hardwood are two of the most popular and durable options available on the market. If you already have natural hardwood flooring, investing in refinishing is another possible alternative option to replacement.

Most individuals enjoy the timeless and classic appearance and versatility of hardwood flooring. And while this option generally ranges on the “more expensive” end of the flooring material spectrum, you can expect to earn this money back in spades through an increase in home value and durability that will last for decades to come.

Different Looks for Hardwood

In the state of Rhode Island, you will find that hardwood flooring materials are popular options, used in rooms ranging from the kitchen to hallways, living areas and bedrooms.

While timeless classic hardwood designs are sure to impress, hardwood has come a long way, with a broad range of wood types, grains and layouts to choose from.

Consider darker wood for a more modern look, while multi-tone can add a little personality and flair to any space.

The Benefits of Ceramic Flooring

Ceramic flooring is actually more varied than you might realize. It’s still one of the most long-lasting, durable and affordable flooring options available. Ceramic is often an especially great option for rooms that may have high volume traffic in winter or wet seasons due to it’s non-porous and easy to clean surface.

Despite its durability, ceramic does need to be regularly maintained, however, which is one of the few drawbacks. Tiles should be glazed for optimal durability, and grout should be regularly sealed in order to ensure maximum water resistance. Beyond this, however, ceramic flooring is extremely easy to maintain on the day-to-day.

Vinyl and Laminate

Laminate and vinyl flooring options, while cost-effective, have also come a long way from the cheap and visually unattractive options of times past.

These days, both vinyl and laminate can take on the look of high-quality hardwood, real tile, or pretty much any type of texture or look that you desire.

Redesign Your Kitchen and Bathroom for Maximum Value and ROI

If you are in the Rhode Island area and are looking for people to help you redesign your kitchen space to boost the value, PT Floors can help. For more information, visit our Woonsocket, RI

Showroom or give us a call today.

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