Your bedroom is your sanctuary. The place is your home where you can relax and recharge. A bedroom also tends to reflect the homeowner's personality and design preference. The type of flooring you choose for your bedroom can significantly impact its aesthetic. Additionally, your flooring choice can have advantages and disadvantages regarding functionality, such as durability and ease of care. 

There are two types of flooring commonly used in bedrooms – hardwood or carpet. Which one is right for you? Let's find out! 

Comfy and Cozy Carpeting 

Carpeting is a top choice for bedroom flooring because of the comfort it can add to a space. Plush underfoot; it keeps your floors soft and warm. 

Advantages of Carpeting 

Noise Deafening. Do you prefer your room to be quiet while you sleep? Well, if there's a chance your pet could scurry across your bedroom floor or your partner could get home late, carpeting can help preserve the peacefulness. Carpet floors help to deaden sounds from walking, talking, and more.

Soft Underfoot. Carpet is lovely in the bedroom because it is so soft and plush underfoot. The first thing your feet will touch in the morning is warm, cushioned carpeting instead of a cold hard floor. Additionally, it's a relief to walk on at the end of a long day. 

Safe and Stylish. Seniors and those with young children typically prefer carpeting for its safety. It's softer for little ones learning to walk or crawl and makes for a safer landing should there be an accidental fall. Another fantastic feature is that it's less slippery, perfect for when you have to make a light night trip out of bed. Carpet still offers a stylish look in various colors, patterns, and textures despite its safety. 

Disadvantages of Carpeting 

There are a few downsides to carpet, including: 

  • It's harder to clean
  • Can trap allergens and debris

Hardy and Beautiful Hardwood

Hardwood is traditionally the flooring of choice when you want durability and visual appeal. It's a classic choice that can add value to your home while also offering many practical advantages.

Advantages of Hardwood

Timeless Appeal. Hardwood flooring has traditionally been considered a premium flooring choice. Its elegant look truly never goes out of style and works seamlessly with various decor schemes. There are so many hues, grain patterns, and finishes that your options are nearly endless! 

Long Lifespan. Many kinds of hardwood flooring choices are solid and durable. A floor that has been appropriately taken care of can last decades, making it a worthwhile investment in any home. 

Easy to Clean. Cleaning under your bed, dresser, and other bedroom furniture can be quite the task. However, hardwood floors can be considerably easier to sweep and mop than vacuuming carpet. Even the thought of breakfast in bed isn't as terrifying when you have hardwood; a spilled cup of coffee or dropped plate can effortlessly be wiped up. Additionally, planks don't trap debris or allergens as carpeting does. 

Disadvantages of Hardwood

Wood flooring isn't without a few drawbacks, including: 

  • More costly
  • Doesn't deafen sounds
  • Colder and less soft underfoot

Though each has its own advantages and disadvantages, carpeting and hardwood can offer comfort and convenience in the bedroom. Let PT Flooring help you find the perfect flooring option for every space in your home. 

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