Whether you are brand-new to the world of laminate flooring, or whether your laminate floors have seen a lot of dirty feet over the last few years (I’m looking at you, children and husbands), it is important to understand how to clean your laminate floors, efficiently, thoroughly and safely without causing damage or undue wear and tear.

Without proper guidance, it is easy to ruin flooring.

At PT Floor Covering, we can help you choose the right flooring to invest in for your home, as well as help with maintenance tips. Laminate flooring is a great choice for many homes and does not require much maintenance.

The “Do” List:

There are a few simple steps that will make it easy to keep your laminate floors looking clean and shiny. Clean floors can do a lot for the look of a home, and PT Floor Covering is here to help you manage your laminate.

Tips to get you started:

  • Be sure to sweep on a regular basis. Whether you use vacuum attachments, a broom, or a dust mop, Dirt works as an abrasive on laminate flooring and will reduce the shine. Be sure to get into the corners and get rid of dirt often.
  • A damp mop can be used to lift stubborn dirt and clean spills. Please make sure that the mop is just a little damp. Laminate flooring does not do well with wet mops.
  • Make use of mats and rugs at all entryways to your laminate flooring. This provides a surface for people to wipe dirt off before walking any further.
  • When moving furniture, take care to not scratch the flooring. Upside-down carpet squares provide a soft moving surface.

Here Come the Don’ts:

Laminate flooring isn’t as durable or tough as ceramic tile (for example). And as such it does not like to be treated roughly.

Make sure to avoid the following:

  • Do not sand or refinish laminate flooring.
  • Abrasive cleaners must be avoided.
  • Since the floor is already finished, do not put wax or polish on top of the laminate flooring.
  • Soap-based detergents are not okay to use on laminate flooring.
  • Be sure not to use large amounts of water when cleaning. If your flooring encounters too much water, it will become damaged.
  • And the biggest don’t: Don’t be scared to try laminate flooring after reading this list!

Laminate flooring is beautiful and more low-maintenance than it sounds. A light sweep and the occasional damp clean are all that is needed to keep those floors looking beautiful for a long time!

Find Your Perfect Flooring at PT Floor Covering

Laminate flooring is a great option for many rooms in the home, although it is wise to avoid bathrooms due to the wide usage of water. If you have children, or live in a high-traffic environment, laminate is for you.

Laminate floors are a smart investment, and at PT Floor Covering, we offer a wide style of laminate to choose from. Our experts will help design the perfect flooring to fit your home, as well as make sure you are completely confident in your choice. With proper maintenance, this flooring option is a sound investment.

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