2021 is almost behind us, so we think this is a great time to look at the style trends that have dominated the flooring scene for most of this year. Flooring is a simple way to upgrade the overall look of your home without making significant renovations to every room.

If the flooring is something you were interested in tackling this year, take a look at the designs and ideas other people have been going with that have seriously changed the vibe in their home.

Cool Stained Wood

We all know wood has a natural brown color, but some people choose to use flooring with a bit of color, and this year, the trends sway toward grays, blues, and other cool tints. They work well with other structures like white cabinets and colorful sofas and sectionals.


Carpeting is terrific when it comes to the bedroom, and we’ve seen a rise in this design decision. The reason is simple, carpets keep a room quiet, which is ideal when considering the bedroom atmosphere, you want. It’s also easier on the body when you fall, which is why it’s an excellent choice for kids’ rooms and recreation areas in the home.


Hardwood flooring has been a popular trend since the later 20th century, and for several good reasons. They make every room look fantastic, they’re easy to keep clean, last long, not outrageously expensive, and they’re durable. We don’t see hardwood floors being knocked off any trend list anytime soon because it adds a touch of luxury to every room.

Area Rugs

Area rugs provide you with the same benefits as a carpet and are easy to install. If you love the look of hardwood floors but need a safe place for your children to play or wish your bedroom was a little bit warmer, then an area rug is the way to go. These are nice because you can change with the trends quickly as well.

Environmentally Friendly Options

Everyone is going green, and that’s a good thing. As people renovate their homes, they’re starting to choose better, more sustainable environmental options like solar panels and the like. Ceramic tile, which we offer here at PT Flooring, is a great way to favor the planet. Plus, it looks gorgeous, is easy to clean, and won’t break the bank.

Laminate Flooring

Sticking with the sustainable theme, this type of flooring is all the rage this year because it’s also budget friendly. 2020 was a rough year financially for many people, and it’s always good to save some money. It’s also excellent for high traffic areas.  But you don’t want to skimp on quality, which is why we’ve seen a rise in laminate flooring installation in 2021.


Flooring is fun and can give your entire home the boost it needs without changing everything in every room of the house. Contact us, and we’ll be happy to set you up with one of our flooring experts to discuss your options.

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