We love our furry family members, but there are times when you sweep up and realize there’s enough hair on the floor to coat another animal. Keeping up with it all is time-consuming and a never-ending chore. While the work is continual, there are surefire ways to keep your floor clean of pet hair.  

Floors are important to us at PT, and whether you have hair in your carpeting, coating your hardwoods or laminates, or you need help keeping those ceramic tiles clean, we have solutions for you.

Brush Your Animals

Dogs and cats shed, even when it’s not hot. One of the ways to curb this is by brushing them regularly. It doesn’t take long, and you’ll be grabbing most of the hair before it hits the floor. We highly recommend brushing them outside if you can, which will keep the excess far away from your rugs.

Keep Them Groomed

A clean dog is a pet that doesn’t leave residue in your home. When you trim their nails every other week, there will be fewer chances of scratches in the wood. When a dog is left unbathed for too long, dirt will attach to them, and then they carry it into your house and leave it on the floor.

Invest in Good Flooring

When you have inferior flooring in your home, you’ll find that it’s more difficult to keep up with the mess. We offer affordable options for pet lovers that want beautiful carpet and hardwood floors. Check out some of our options.

Wipe Their Paws

After taking your dog for a walk, wipe their paws because everything they walk on will be dragged into your house and end up on your tiles. It may seem like a hassle, but this is one way you can prevent dirt on your floor.

Clean Up Messes Fast

If your cat vomits, pick it up and clean the floor right away. Not only are you avoiding a mess, but it’s also much more sanitary. You should tend to any accidents pets might have right away. Urine that seeps into wooden floors will turn them black, and the smell is difficult to get rid of.

Don’t Forget the Food Bowl

You should change or clean your pet’s food bowls daily, and that area of the floor needs a deep cleaning once a week. When ignored, this is area can become filthy fast, so keeping this up is essential.  

Get a Robot Vacuum

One of the best things about robot vacuums is they will pick up everything on the floor, and you don’t have to lift a finger. There are several options, and we suggest that you do your research before making such a large purchase.


The bottom line is that if you keep up with these few things, you’ll save yourself a lot of clean-up time later. Messes left to be taken care of later will only become more challenging to wash the longer you wait.

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