We love our kids and our pets like they’re our children. But they sure can leave a mess behind. Cleaning up after the ones we love is a chore sometimes. Flooring is our business, so we thought we’d give you a hand with some tips on how to keep your carpet clean.

Make Vacuuming a Habit

When you vacuum regularly, it’s difficult for the hair to accumulate. Each household is different when it comes to how often you should clean. A home with one child and no pets could likely get away with once a week. The house with several pets and children will require vacuuming daily.

Every day may seem like a chore, but your carpets will remain cleaner, and it will prolong its life. If you have a lot of animals, this step is critical because hair accumulates quickly. Vacuuming isn’t the only step that should become a habit. Keeping a schedule for washing your carpets is also essential.

Take Care of Spots Immediately

Things spill. It happens more often when we have kids and pets. If you’re able, get spills off your carpet as soon as possible. When dealing with liquids and carpeting, it’s much different than floors. You have to soak up the juice well with rags. Then cover it with baking soda, which will pull the liquid out of the carpeting.

Vacuum up the baking soda and do it again if it didn’t all come up. Then use a solution of 50% water and 50% white vinegar or mild soap and douse the area. Scrub and cover with baking soda to pull up the moisture until the stain is gone.

Hire Professional Cleaners

Even if you didn’t have a spill, it’s essential to clean your carpets regularly. Professional cleaners have the type of equipment that will get to the base of your carpeting and pull up dirt your vacuum can’t. Do this once a month or every few months, depending on how much traffic the area gets.

Set Rules

While dogs and cats can’t understand us, our kids can, so setting down some house rules is essential. Doing this will reduce the number of accidents in your home. You can make them take their shoes off in the house. Or you can put your foot down when it comes to eating and drinking in certain rooms. Running with drinks could be forbidden.

Give Them a Different Room

Kids need room to be themselves, and animals like to stretch out. A home that has too many rules isn’t that much fun. Give your kids and animals a room like a den or a basement to eat while playing and watching television. This step will save the white carpeting in your living room.

Clean Your Pets

Kids can take off their shoes, but dogs that just walked don’t care that there’s mud on the paws. Keep a towel at the door and wipe their feet when they come back inside. Also, keeping them groomed will diminish the hair that accumulates.

In the End

These few steps will help you keep your carpets clean from your pets and kids. If you find that your carpeting is old and worn, give us a call. We have several flooring options, including carpets and hardwood floors.

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