Decor, guests who have been dashing through the snow, and deep cleans before holiday gatherings can all take a toll on your floors this season. Protecting your home's surfaces from whatever the holidays throw their way doesn’t have to be complicated.

Here are our top tips for keeping your floors clean during the holidays; so your home can stay on the nice list!

Be Wary of Steam Cleaners

When guests come over we all want our floors to shine like Rudolph's nose, however, steam cleaners can do more harm than good on your wood.  

Certain steam cleaners, like those that use dry vapors, might be okay; but in general, most wood flooring companies don’t advise cleaning your wood surfaces with steam. The moisture and heat have a tendency to warp the flooring, break down adhesives, and cause other issues. You also risk voiding your warranty!

Decorate Wisely

When setting up your Christmas tree, be mindful of moisture. Real trees can pose a real threat to some floors due to the water they require.

Take steps to minimize spills with a tray or protective barrier. Artificial trees and other decor that sit on the floor can result in scratches and dents. Be careful when rearranging holiday decorations, making sure to lift them instead of dragging them across your floors.

Pad Your Furniture

Gathering for a friendly family card game or to sit and watch a football match? Many holiday activities involve rearranging the furniture, making your floors susceptible to gouges and scratches.

Felt pads are excellent for both wood and laminate floors. You can effortlessly place them on the bottom of chairs, couches, and even tables.

Roll Out the Rugs

We love how cozy rugs can make a space feel during the cooler months. We also appreciate how much protection a rug can offer! Rugs at each entryway will help to catch all the snow, slush, and debris that visiting guests track in.

If you really want to avoid snow and salt on your floors, have guests leave their shoes by the door. Just be sure you set down a mat or rug to hold their shoes and catch any winter weather they may have brought inside.  

Save New Cleaners for the New Year

Though you might want your floors to be perfect for your holiday get-togethers, it’s best to avoid trying any new cleaners right before a party.

This holds true for wood and laminate floors as well as carpets. If you must test out a cleaner, do so in a closet or other inconspicuous spot just in case the results are not what you were expecting!

Pencil In a Post-Holiday Professional Cleaning

Before the festivities begin, you may want to schedule a professional cleaning for the New Year. The holidays usually entail lots of entertaining, decorations that may drop debris, and much more that can tax your floors.

A professional deep clean can get rid of anything left behind and prepare your floors for a happy and healthy winter season.

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