So, you’ve looked through Pinterest, Instagram, and every home renovation and interior design magazine you can get your hands on. You know exactly the look you want for your home, down to the color of the hardwood flooring throughout your living room and kitchen. Then, you looked at prices...and gulped. 

What if there was a more economical flooring that was just as durable and hardy as a traditional glue-down flooring that didn’t compromise on looks? There is! With floating floors, you can have the beautiful floors you want without having to settle on other features, and you may find that you even have some added bonuses that you can’t get with other options. 

What is a floating or click-together floor? 

A floating floor is simply a floor that is not fixed to the ground beneath, but instead “floats” by being connected to flooring pieces around it like a puzzle. Incredibly simple to install, the purpose of a click-together floor is that it lets the floor move around very slightly. This means that when things settle in a new home, or when things contract or expand, either with humidity or temperature, the floor won’t be pressed along the sides or bunched in areas.  If you live in a high-humidity area, your best bet is a floating floor! Don’t assume that click-together floors are anything besides durable. 

The budget-friendly flooring option

Are you trying to achieve a beautiful new revamped look to your home, while trying to save on your budget? Floating or click-together floors are much more economical than a solid wood floor, without the drawbacks of looking “cheap.” 

Whether you go the route of laminate flooring, engineered hardwood, or luxury vinyl flooring, you will not only save on your remodel, your entire home will feel like a fresh new place, without the huge cost.

So, why exactly is a floating floor less expensive than other alternatives? Let’s go over some of the places that you can save on costs:

  • Adhesives. Traditional glue-down floors use a lot of adhesive, which adds up on cost over the entire house. 
  • Installation cost. Since click-together floors are intended to fit together quickly like a simple puzzle, installation costs are greatly reduced. It takes less time to install, is less intensive of an installation.  
  • Material costs of the flooring. Solid wood floors are heavier and more expensive on average than a click-together flooring, but floating floors are incredibly durable.

Ease of installation

Why are floating floors so easy to install? Instead of using caustic and high-odor glue to install your floors, professionals make short work of installing your floating floors by simply cutting the pieces to fit your rooms, then clicking them together. Nailed-down floors are equally as time-consuming as adhesive flooring, and there is no room for the floor to expand or contract with humidity. 

What are you waiting for? Ready to make your house your dream home by installing some beautiful click-together flooring?  Schedule a consult with PT Floor Covering today to see which floating floor would fit your lifestyle best.  

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