Ah, spring cleaning. The time we deep clean our homes after being sealed up through the winter, open our windows to let in the fresh air, and spruce up our living spaces. While we typically focus on dusting surfaces, washing fabrics, and organizing our belongings, there is one area of our home we certainly shouldn't forget – our floors!  

Throughout the winter, your floors likely received regular vacuuming and mopping. However, they deserve a little bit of extra TLC after enduring snowy boots, salt-covered shoes, and lots of holiday party traffic. Here's our ultimate spring-cleaning checklist, designed to keep your floors looking fabulous!

Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Floors

Start with a Good Sweeping

Hard flooring surfaces generally should be swept. If you are not careful with your vacuum’s beater brush, it could scratch your wood. A broom and a dustpan can be used to clear out dust bunnies, sweep up debris, and get rid of dirt. A microfiber mop does an excellent job as well!

Mop or Mist

Depending on what type of flooring you have, you may need to avoid wet mopping. Tile can handle a good scrubbing with water and a gentle cleanser. Still, hardwoods and laminates shouldn't be exposed to excess moisture. Instead, mist them with a cleaner and then gently wipe it away.

Wax After Washing

After you've washed your floors, hardwoods can benefit from an annual waxing. This helps improve the look of your floors while also adding a bit of protection. Pay close attention to the finish on your surfaces, as not all are compatible with wax. Some, like those with a urethane finish, require a polish.

Deep Clean Your Grout

Tile in your home is thankfully relatively easy to clean, considering it can be exposed to some of the harshest environments. While the tiles themselves resist staining, the grout can get yucky. A build-up of debris and residue can get trapped in the grout, necessitating a yearly deep-clean. Baking soda, water, and a small scrub brush usually do the trick!  

Vacuum Your Carpets

Your rugs and carpets hopefully have received regular vacuuming over the winter. However, to prepare them for a spring cleaning deep clean, give them a good once over with a vacuum first.

Break Out the Steam Cleaner

After you've vacuumed, it's time to steam clean. Circulated allergens from your house being closed up all winter can get trapped in the fibers of your carpets. Additionally, high-traffic areas are prone to embedded dirt and grit. As long as you follow the directions on your machine carefully, you can often deep clean your own carpets. However, you can contact a wide variety of carpet cleaning services for professional help.

Spot Clean as Necessary

Depending on where the stain is located, you'll need various spot cleaning products. Some are formulated especially for carpets, while others, like baking soda, are great for laminate. Carefully read the label of any product you're using to ensure that it is formulated for your type of flooring and won't damage the finish.

Our floors endure a lot, no matter the season. Spring is the perfect time to treat them to a yearly deep clean to extend their life and improve their look.

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