Metal Radiator Covers and Enclosures for Home or Business
available from PT Floor Covering!

Radiator Enclosures have a specially designed front grille. The grille provides efficient heating by redirecting warm heat into the living area of a room, rather than causing the warm air to rise rapidly to the ceiling directly above the radiator.

  • Fabricated from heavy 22 gauge electrogalvanized steel with a perforated grille front for efficient heat distribution
  • Removable top cover to facilitate cleaning and access to valves
  • Unfinished and ready to paint for a custom, built-in look
  • Mitered corners make it safer than the typical sharp corners

Radiator Covers and Enclosures
Improve Heating Efficiency
Direct Radiator’s heat to living area
Improve Safety
Reduce Risk of Burns from hot radiators
Improve Appearance
Cover Unsightly Radiators

How To Get Started

  1. Measure radiator
  2. Call us or come to the showroom to place your order
  3. Wait for radiator enclosure to arrive
  4. Install radiator enclosure
  5. Enjoy peace of mind, better heat and more beauty

Radiator Enclosures


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