Cleaning Laminate Flooring

  • By Paul McBurney
  • 21 Feb, 2017

Laminate flooring is a popular choice because of its ease of installation, durability and low maintenance. However, despite these benefits, many people find them difficult to keep clean and long for another flooring alternative. While laminate floors can be troublesome to keep clean, often it is not because of the flooring, but rather because the cleaning technique is not appropriate. Here are four tips to help keep your floor clean and streak free.

1.  Put the broom away – Traditional brooms are not an effective way to keep your laminate floors clean because they can leave fine dust and dirt particles behind. Additionally, a wet mop can scratch your floor or leave behind a dull, cloudy residue. This is because the moisture from the mop mixes with dirt and causes it to spread across the floor. Instead, you should use a dry mop or a vacuum. If you do choose to use a vacuum make sure it has a bare floor setting that allows you to turn off the brush rotation, as this can also create scratches.

2.  Put down the floor cleaner – Instead of using an expensive laminate floor cleaner, consider using plain water, or a mild vinegar and water solution. However, make sure to use the solution sparingly. If you use too much water, it can seep between the boards and cause them to warp. Use a spray bottle to place a small amount of liquid on the floor and wipe up immediately. If your floor does not dry within one or two minutes after applying water, you are using too much.  In addition, if you do choose to use a cleaner, do not overdo it. Using too much soap can leave a dull film on your floor.

3.  Buff out the shine – Use a dry cloth to gently buff your floors for a few minutes. This will bring out the shine and help to remove any excess residue from cleaners.

4.  Protect your floor – Keep your floor looking great by protecting it in high traffic areas. Put a floor runner down or use a no-shoe rule in your home to prevent scratches and nicks. Also, put felt pads on the end of chair legs.

If you are looking for more great floor care tips, contact our professionals at PT Floor Coverings . We have over 20 years experience serving the flooring needs of Woonsocket, Rhode Island and surrounding communities.

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By Paul McBurney 05 Jan, 2018

If you have home flooring projects set for 2018, but don’t know what direction to go in, you may want to take into consideration these flooring trends for 2018. Whether you want something different, or something practical, you’re sure to see something new you like on this list.

Parquet Hardwood

Parquet hardwood floors are made out of solid hardwood, making them durable and ideal in homes with kids and pets. The pieces of wood are arranged in geometric designs, which is why it’s seeing a revival with homeowners looking for a unique touch for their flooring.

Gray Wood Flooring

Gray wood floors keep growing in popularity, and will be a big trend in 2018. They provide a unique, clean look in homes that need to be brightened up. There are also many different shades of grey, which means you can find the best grey for your home.

Bamboo Floors

When it comes to bamboo flooring, it’s all about quality. While pressed bamboo boards can provide a fresh, woody look, it’s important to choose durable woven boards from a manufacturer with good reviews, and properly dehumidify the boards prior to installation if necessary.

Porcelain Planks

Porcelain plank are manufactured to mimic the look of natural hardwood floors. They are a durable floor trend, and are great for spaces that are prone to dampness, such as mud rooms or bathrooms.

Recycled Carpet

Recycled carpet made out of recycled plastic bottles is now and available floor trend. Carpets from Econyl are made from stain resistant nylon that eco-friendly and can be woven into many different styles.

Carpet Tiles

When you combine traditional carpeting and tiling together, you get carpet tiles. This is a floor trend that’s easy to instal, and also allows for many great designs or geometric patterns. Not only can you design with freedom, but if a section of carpet gets ruined, all you need to do is remove the affected tiles and replace them.

Wide Plank Flooring

While wood flooring will always be a popular choice for families everywhere, but trends are pushing toward wider plank wood floors, with boards often being a foot wide, or even broader. This works well for many types of homes, and can lend a mature, authentic look to any home.

If you’re in need of new floors for 2018, look no further than PT Floors. We can help you decide what flooring will be the best fit for you. Visit our website or give us a call at 401-766-8252 today.
By Paul McBurney 01 Dec, 2017

There are many different options when it comes to choosing new flooring for your home. You need to take into consideration the durability of the flooring, along with what type of maintenance it will require. Keep in mind the style, texture, and layout the flooring comes in, and see if it fits in with the look and feel of your home. Any type of flooring come to mind? If not, we’ve got the answer for you: Alterna Engineered Stone flooring by Armstrong.

By Paul McBurney 03 Nov, 2017
In the past couple of years, vinyl flooring has seen an explosive growth.  Vinyl flooring is a type of flooring made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and used primarily in commercial and institutional areas with high-traffic.  Although it has been around since 1926, vinyl has just recently gained popularity in the residential flooring market.  There are many other reasons it is rolling off the shelves.
By Paul McBurney 16 Oct, 2017

When cleaning your floors, do you wish they looked like showroom quality? Get all the tricks of the trade on what products and tools to use for each type of floor.

The first thing that should be done before wet or dry mopping any surface, is to vacuum. Getting debris off the floor will eliminate any scratching or marking that can occur while mopping.

The  Tools

According to Top Ten Reviews, a vacuum cleaner designed for hardwood floors will pick up the debris and have bristles designed for hardwood. They also provide a list of the top ten rated vacuums that you can choose from. But, whichever vacuum you decide, please keep in mind to turn off the bristles so they do not scratch the floor.  

There are a variety of mops for wet or dry surfaces. The best mop to do both jobs on all hard flooring is a microfiber mop. You can use a microfiber mop on both wet or dry surfaces. The other great thing about this mop is that it uses less water on your floor. Excess water can damage your floor - especially hardwood. Microfiber is used in many professional cleaning applications. For example, you can find microfiber in mops and cleaning cloths.  Even though microfiber mops cost more than non-microfiber mops, they may be more economical because they last longer and require less effort to use.  
By Paul McBurney 14 Sep, 2017

There are few parts of our homes that go through as much wear and tear as our floors. But perhaps the floor in our house that sees the most action is our kitchen. Our cooking causes constant spills and messes, meaning damage to the floors can occur at a much faster rate.

So what’s the solution? It’s not like we can stop walking on the floors of our house, or cease using our kitchens. Luckily, there is an answer out there that combats what we put our floors though on a regular basis.

Waterproof flooring is a homeowner’s dream come true: it provides a defense against the daily messes that can constantly happen. That means the floor you love looks better and lasts longer.

Let’s explore two popular options for waterproof flooring that would work in your home:

By Paul McBurney 18 Aug, 2017
Buying carpet can be overwhelming, and with color, pattern, material, durability, and other variables to think about, it’s important to know what fibers your carpet contains. By learning more about carpet fibers, you can make an informed decision about what carpeting is best for your home and family.

Nylon is used in approximately 65% of the carpet sold in the United States, and is a very durable fiber with excellent performance characteristics. It’s a resilient fiber when it comes to carpet cleaning, staining, and abrasion resistance. Nylon is the strongest fiber you’ll learn about today, which makes it the perfect candidate for high traffic areas in commercial buildings, or popular rooms in your home. Nylon is also perfect for homes with people that have allergies, as nylon is mold and mildew resistant.

Polypropylene is the fastest growing fiber in the U.S. It is a relatively inexpensive fiber, and easily extruded by manufacturers. The strengths of polypropylene include stain resistance, with the exception of oils, and it’s low cost. This fiber is also a solution-dyed product, which means color is added during extrusion in its molten state, as opposed to the dye being applied topically.

Polyester fibers produce some of the most colorful carpet samples around. These fibers are extremely stain resistant, and is virtually resistant to fading. Unfortunately, polyester is prone to crushing, especially when heavy pieces of furniture are moved across it. Polyester is hypoallergenic, sheds moisture, and also resists mold and mildew at a lower cost that wool or nylon.

Wool is a traditional favorite, and provides a deep, rich look and feel. This fiber remains the premier choice, but comes at a high price. Wool cleans well, provides beautiful colors, and has good resiliency, but special care needs to be taken when cleaning your wool carpet. Many other synthetic fibers have done excellent jobs of recreating the look and feel of wool, but none come close to duplicating all of these characteristics.

When it comes to choosing new flooring, consult the pros at PT Flooring! We have help you find the perfect carpet for your home and family’s needs. Visit our showroom at 91 North Main St. in Woonsocket, RI, or visit our website  to learn more about our services.
By Paul McBurney 18 Aug, 2017
If you have a radiator in your home, you should be aware of radiator covers and enclosures. A radiator cover is a specially designed front grille, and is a great addition to your home for many reasons. Continue reading for more information.

Heating Efficiency
A radiator cover is a great decision for many reasons, one being that it will improve the heating efficiency in your home. The front grille of a cover will redirect heat into the living area of a room, rather than letting the heat rise above the radiator and up to the ceiling. This will keep your home warmer, and heat you faster than if your radiator was uncovered.

If your home is older, and your radiator is uncovered, safety becomes a very big concern for many parents. Radiators get hot, there’s no way around it. It’s how they heat your home, after all, so covering it is a popular option for families. Not only will purchasing a radiator cover protect your children from harmful burns and injuries, but it can also protect the radiator itself, and keep it working for years to come. The last thing you need is a broken radiator and an injured kid.

Approve Appearance
If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that radiators are ugly, especially older models. While some will opt to replace their old radiator with a new, shiny, modern model, some people just decide to purchase a cover. Covers come in a variety of looks, ranging from different materials to colors, and can be a great way for you to add further decoration to your home. Radiators also take up a lot of space, so adding a creative cover is a great way to get it back, especially if you’re in a smaller home or apartment. If you can’t find the perfect cover for you, try making your own with reclaimed wood.

Reduce Noise
With temperatures always going up and down, it’s only fair that your radiator will make some noise. And while covering up your radiator isn’t a perfect solution, it will help reduce those annoying and pesky noises.

If a radiator cover sounds like the best option for you, contact PT Floors today! We’ll help you find the perfect cover for your home. Contact us today at 401-766-8252, or visit our website .

By Paul McBurney 13 Jun, 2017

Technology and social media have introduced a trend where taking a stand or showing our support means liking a Facebook status or posting a picture. In this day and age, sharing what you stand for can be as easy as a click of a button. However, how long does that hold an effect in the digital world? Sometimes, we just need to get back to basics. Long before the internet or computers we had a different way of representation: flags.

Flags were how armies presented themselves in ancient battles. They were hung from war ships and raised after seizing a city from the enemy. They are an emblem of that which is bigger than ourselves, what unifies us in times of discontentment, or inspires us in moments of despair. They are how we remember those we have lost and how we continue to honor them long after they are gone. This Flag Day, show your remembrance and support by flying a flag. PT Floors offers various flags and accessories for you to purchase. We carry:























We also carry up to 25 ft. flag poles for your front yard. Honoring our veterans is important to us which is why we regularly provide veteran organizations with indoor flag sets for their use. Unsure of how to properly care for a flag or the laws and requirements involved? Visit our page to learn more about these processes.

PT Floors is proud to provide flags and flag accessories to our customers. We also offer various floor covering options and installation services as well as countless types of wallpaper to chose from. Visit PT Floors today to get started on your next home update or to find a flag that honors and supports what’s most important to you.

By Paul McBurney 10 May, 2017

Some design concepts are timeless. A “classic” concept is often a word used in the design and renovation word to evoke a feeling of everlasting style and taste. With every passing year, we see countless news and blog articles that report on the latest and greatest trends in home renovation. But regardless of the passing of time, no matter what’s trending, there is one home renovation that is always in style: the simple, uncomplicated beauty of a hardwood floor. PT Flooring Covering is pleased to offer you a vast array of hardwood flooring options from top quality vendors, including Mullican Flooring, Lauzon Flooring, and Somerset Hardwood Flooring. Not only do they beautifully tie a space together, but hardwood floors are also exceptionally easy to maintain against the wear and tear of normal, everyday life.

1)        It Always Looks Great
Hardwood floors, whether it be in one room or every room of your lovely house, gives you a warm, elegant, and high end look. It can create an illusion of spaciousness, even in the most confined spaces.

2)      It’s Easy to Install
When you work with experts at PT Flooring covering, installing your new hardwood floor is quick and easy . High quality flooring like ours is precisely measured and cut to perfectly fit into the rooms of your home.

3)        Cleaning is A Breeze
It’s difficult for particles such as dust, dirt, and debris to accumulate on hardwood floors. This means only good news for those of you who hate to sweep, vacuum, or mop!

4)      It Gives You Better Air Quality
When your floor has excessive fibers or grout lines, dust, pollen, and other potentially damaging particles can gather. This is not the case with hardwood floors! If you are an allergy sufferer, we highly recommend hardwood floors throughout your home for an improved air quality.

For the best in both modern and classic flooring, PT Flooring Covering is your best resource for all of your interior home flooring needs. Visit our showroom today at 91 North Main Street in the heart of Woodstock, or give us a call at 414-766-8252 to discuss your upcoming flooring renovation.
By Paul McBurney 20 Apr, 2017
 Wallpaper has been around since ancient times, as ancient Chinese civilizations decorated with rice paper and French designers use block painted paper to add color and interest to their elaborate domiciles. While decorating with wallpaper had fallen out of vogue for a few years, it seems to be back at the top of the decorator’s must-have list. However, the wallpaper of today is a far cry from the trends that were characteristic of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

  • Flowers – Floral wall coverings are not a new design choice; however, today’s designs combine large scale prints and still life imagery to create a unique vintage feel to your decorating. Florals can be used with a variety of decorating styles, from classic designs to crisp contemporary lines.
  • Geometrics – These are not your 1970’s fuzzy geometric patterns emblazoned on a metallic background. Today’s geometric offers a clean, simple and unified look. It is the perfect way to add impact to a small space. Select a monochromatic palate for a sophisticated look in a bedroom.
  • Animal prints -  From reptile skins to feathers or leopard spots, animal prints add a bit of whimsy to your home. Perfect for a dramatic look in your bathroom or an ideal way to add a bit of visual texture to the walls of your dining room. They also work great for accent walls in a bedroom or living area.
  • Kid’s rooms – While there will forever be a plethora of cartoon based wallpaper designs for kid’s rooms, many people are looking for more sophisticated designs that can grow with the child. Stylized designs and whimsical prints can help spark a little imagination.
  • Finer points – Life sized murals are a great way to add drama and culture to your living space. Create an 19th century pastoral scene or a Renaissance portraiture for a dramatic look in an entryway, dining room or hall.
  • Take a cue from nature – Stone walls that look so real you feel like you are outside or wooden planks that give the illusion of barn boards are a trend that brings natural elements inside. These visual illusions can create the look of the real thing for a fraction of the cost.

At  PT Floors Inc , we have a wide selection of  wallpaper samples  in our showroom. Match up your wallpaper selection to your flooring choice for a cohesive design.
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